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The difference between high chromium ball and medium chromium ball, low chromium ball, forged steel ball

Release time:2020-06-15 Highchromiumball,mediumchromiumball,lowchromiumballandforgedsteelballarecommonlyusedingrindingindustry,andarealsoproducedbyShandongElite.Manypeoplemayonlyknowthattheyaredifferent,buttheycan'ttells...

  High chromium ball, medium chromium ball, low chromium ball and forged steel ball are commonly used in grinding industry, and are also produced by Shandong Elite. Many people may only know that they are different, but they can't tell specific differences apart. The differences between these balls are introduced. Different quality indexes of high chromium ball: chromium content (>10.0%) and carbon content (>1.80%-3.20%) are called high chromium ball. The national standard requires that the hardness of the high chromium sphere must be above 58 with impact value AK (> 3.0j /2). To achieve the hardness of the high chromium sphere, high temperature quenching and tempering treatment must be used (currently, quenching is available in China). Oil quenching and air quenching, such as hardness test (HRC) less than 54, prove that the ball is not quenched. The quality index of the medium chromium ball: chromium content 3.0%-7.0%, carbon content 1.80%-3.20% is called the medium chromium ball, impact value AK (> 2.0j /2), the hardness of the national standard of the chromium ball must be greater than 47, in order to ensure the quality of the chromium ball, high temperature, high hardness. Adopt tempering treatment (to eliminate casting stress), such as steel ball table. The dark red surface indicates that the product has been tempered at high temperatures. If the surface of the ball is still metal, the product is not tempered at high temperature. Low chromium ball quality indicators: 0.5%-2.5% chromium content, 1.80%-3.20% carbon content is called low chromium ball. National standards require low chromium ball hardness (HRC) to be greater than 45 and impact value AK to be greater than 1.5J/2. In order to ensure the quality of the low chromium ball, high temperature tempering treatment should also be used (to eliminate the casting stress), such as steel ball. The deep red on the surface indicates that the product has been tempered at high temperature. For example, the surface of the steel ball is still metal, indicating that the product is not tempering at high temperatures. The quality index of forged steel ball: chromium content is 0.1%~0.5% (forged steel ball generally does not contain chromium), carbon content is less than 1.0%, the steel ball is forged by high temperature. Although the surface hardness of some forged steel balls can reach more than 56 (hardened layer is only about 15 feet), the hardenability of the forged steel ball core is poor. Generally speaking, the hardness is only above 30 degrees. Under normal conditions, steel balls are often quenched and forged by water.


  Wear resistance is different

  Abrasion resistance comparison: after quenching treatment, the abrasion resistance from high to low: high chromium ball, medium chromium ball, low chromium ball, forged steel ball.

  Different production processes

  The high chromium ball, medium chromium ball and low chromium ball belong to the cast steel ball, which is made by smelting the raw material at high temperature and casting with steel mold.

  Forging steel ball is made by combining air hammer with mould.

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Address: Heli Industrial Development Zone, Ningguo City, Anhui Province




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