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Brand strength20 years of technical accumulation

Gathering wear-resistant materials research talents,
has 30 years of industry experience engineer team

Passed iso9001:2008 quality management system certification,is the industry
has a more complete experimental testing equipment manufacturers

Established the first steel ball and grinding material research institute
with famous universities, experts and professors, specializing in
the research and development of new products

Product strengthStrong ability in new product development

Set up the first domestic steel ball research
institute and mining steel ball experimental base。

My research institute can be independent research and
development, also can receive single research and development

Conduct professional project research and development according
to customers' requirements, find out the optimization scheme according
to the characteristics of customers' grinding body and grinding material

Production abilityEfficient production and fast delivery

Design annual production capacity of 100,000 tons,
the company has 25 engineers, a variety of technicians 32

The company has advanced production equipment, automatic production
line, automatic contact line, advanced forging and rolling production line

Flexible and efficient production, according
to the management strategy, cost saving up to 10%

Quality assuranceLayer upon layer quality inspection

The company strictly follows the national steel ball production
standards and acceptance standards for production and acceptance

A complete set of imported testing equipment, and a capable quality
inspection technical team.

Each batch of products is fully tested and detailed test
data reports are provided.

Commitment to customers

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Quality control process

  Advanced production equipment is the basis to ensure the production of qualified products, without the modernization of equipment, there is no product quality improvement, there is no cost reduction, there is no reasonable price to adapt to the market. There is no way to talk about the market competitiveness of products.

Ball research institute

SteelresearchinstituteestablishedthefirstdomesticsteelresearchinstituteandtheinstituteofminingsteelballexperimentbaseIhavesupertalent,advancedexperimentaldebuggingequipment,andplentyofresearchanddevelopmentspending,Shanghaijiaotonguniversityjointanddomesticgrindingindustryexpertsandprofessors,inmini... ...

Product tracking service

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Ningguo Zhengxing Wear-resistant Materiais Co., Ltd.

  Our company is a research, development, manufacturing as a whole, to the grinding balls, grinding rod, grinding segments and other abrasive materials based production companies. Has three plants and the northern branch of forged steel balls. The company covers an area of 130,000 square meters, designed annual production capacity of 100,000 tons .......

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